Acclitamising Discus Fish

Tiger turquoise discus fish

To acclimatize your Discus fish to any difference in water parameters from your dealer’s tanks to your own aquarium.

Float the fish in the bag (unopened) in the aquarium for 15 – 20 min to equalize the temperature.

Open the bag and roll top down the bag neck to form a ‘collar.’

The bag will now float at the water surface. Add a glass of water from the aquarium into the bag with the fish, and repeat adding a glass every 5 minutes until the amount of original water in the fish bag has doubled.

Discard half the water in the bag and repeat. 

After 5 more minutes remove the fish from the bag with a suitable sized net and add the new arrival to your aquarium, disposing of the bag and water. 

Avoid adding the bag water to your aquarium as it may contain ammonia produced by the fish in transit, placing an unnecessary load on the filter system. 

Discus fish may hide until settled in, this is quite normal. Don’t feed for the first 24 hours if they are the first specimens introduced.

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