Discus Fish Aquariums

Solid yellow discus fish

It is generally accepted that the larger the Discus fish tank the easier it is to keep. The larger the body of water the more stable the water conditions become within the aquarium. Discus fish will not tolerate fluctuating water quality easily.

Expecting them to do so invariably leads to health problems. A smaller body of water is also more susceptible to pH and temperature fluctuations within an aquarium.

Always try to purchase the largest fish tank that your budget and space will allow. The minimum aquarium size I would suggest for Discus fish is 48x18x18 inches.

A discus tank of this size will require more water changes to keep water conditions stable

Remember Discus can grow to seven inches, given optimum water conditions and feeding on premium foods like beefheart mix.

Once the Discus fish craze begins with any hobbyist, then the more expensive fish suddenly begins to be affordable with the proper equipment in place.

 Always install the Discus fish tank on a good solid level base. 

The tank should also be sat on polystyrene tiles or Thermocol sheet available in all good stationery stores.

However flat you may think the stand is there will be minor imperfections in the stand or cabinet and the last thing you want happening is the tank base cracking. 

Having to carry out emergency evacuations of your prize possessions may lead to problems.

The Discus fish aquarium location is also important; a quiet area of the room to prevent the fish becoming startled is always good in the short term. As your new purchases become your friends, recognizing your presence, they will beg at the front glass for food!

Try and position the Discus fish aquarium away from direct sunlight.

It will be appreciated by the tank inhabitants and the Discus keeper as less algae is likely to develop.Sunlight is excellent at producing green water.

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