Discus Fish Care

This section “Discus Care” will give you an insight into keeping Discus fish. The various sections outline the conditions they require and a guide to choosing the right equipment.

The care of Discus is not that hard it is all about keeping water and buying quality disease-free fish to start with.

The majority of tropical freshwater fish keepers with some experience under their belts will be successful at keeping Discus if a little extra time and effort is applied.

Regular water changes and testing of water parameters will ensure your Discus are kept in prime condition.

Discus was once hard to keep due to a lack of understanding of the water required, Those days are long since gone with the development of water preparation equipment such as reverse osmosis, this all now makes things so much easier for the Discus keeper.

The Discus keeper must also learn how to adjust the water chemistry within the Discus fish aquarium to the optimum range for the tank inhabitants taking great care not to change any parameters too quickly if changes are required. Stability is the key

Sadly, some Discus fish keepers do not invest in the correct equipment until something goes wrong, by which time it may be too late.

Quality Discus is expensive, but it will give immense pleasure over many years. The new fishkeeper keeping Discus may be somewhat apprehensive and worried this need not be the case and one main thing to remember is don’t panic or dose with chemicals and treatments as a knee jerk reaction to a poorly fish, observe them every day and look for the small changes. After a couple of months, however, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!

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