Frequently Asked Questıons

Do Discus Fish have to be kept in soft Water?

No, European Discus Fish are often kept in water of 12 -15 deg GH & 7 Deg Kh with No problems, it is even good for young fish as it promotes growth as it provides minerals required for Discus fish Growth.

Do Discus Fish have to be kept in Water on the acidic side of Ph 7?

No, but they prefer acidic water for spawning.

Can I use de-chlorinated tap water for keeping discus fish?

You can use de-chlorinated tap water for keeping Discus fish but the use of RO & HMA water will give you more success as the heavy metals and contaminants will have been removed.

How often must I change my water on a Discus Fish tank?

Small changes of 10% regularly (Every Day) is better than a 50% change once a week as the water parameters will remain more stable.

Can Discus Fish be easily kept in planted tanks?

Yes, if stocking levels are lower than normal this is not a problem so long as the uneaten food is removed regularly or a clean up crew of Corys are used to eat the food round the plant bottoms.

Are Discus Fish Ok at temps below 25 Deg C?

Discus Fish much prefer temps of 29- 30 Deg C and may suffer long term at lower temps.

Do Discus fish need bare bottomed tanks?

No, not at all but it is just easier for the fish keeper to keep the tank clean with bare bottoms at higher stock levels.

Mixing Discus Fish from Different suppliers.

Can I mix Discus Fish from different suppliers?

It is not advised as cross contamination of different bacteria can occur with discus fish from Europe and Asia with plague / illness occurring. However with lots of experience it can be done.

Are Discus Fish easy to breed?

 Discus fish will spawn easily if healthy; the hard part comes in getting the eggs to hatch & rearing the fry.

What is the best food for Discus fish?

Discus Fish as we humans prefer a variety of food, a mix of High protein foods such as Beefheart mix, ZM Discus, Tetra Prima, Freeze dried Tubifex, Earth worm flake are all great. 

Must I use as sump for keeping Discus Fish?

 No not at all, but good filtration is essential. There are advantages however, lager water capacity, somewhere to place heaters, larger filter capacity.