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The Largest Discus Fish Farm in India

Why choose us


Our Discus Farm Setup

  • Won maximum prizes at Discus championship in Mumbai.

  • Won  prizes at Holland Discus championship in 2018.

  • Huge collection to Choose from –  We have almost 500  glass tanks stocking of about 10,000 discus, and at anypoint we have 3000 to 5000 discus fishes available for sale

  • We provided 24×7 support to all our customers for the discus fish upkeep, problems and solutions.

Our Passion for Discus had got us to lease 3 additional new places to concentrate on

  • Discus breeding and fry growing.
  • Discus fish sales and packing.
  • Quarantine unit.

Who We are

My wife Mrs. Yashodhara khandagale was strong supporter and instrumental for my dreams to realize and till date she manages the farm daily operations along with the staff. Whenever there were no staff to work in the farm, it was just us both.

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