Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We provide a 100% live delivery guarantee on Shipping Live Fish,and this guarantee is as follows:

1. If you do have a D.O.A (Dead on arrival) We will replace your fish, however YOU are responsible to pay shipping for the replacement fish. You will receive a credit for new fish and we will replace your order with fish of the identical strain that you initially requested.

2. Proof of DOA must be confirmed to us via video of dead fish shared on whatsapp or email within 6 hours of fish box arrival at your place.

3. Please not that we would not be able to provide any Cash Refunds.  We will ONLY replace your order with items identical to what you originally ordered.

4. Discus fish price is always quoted for one fish.

5. The size is mentioned in cm and we measure from start of mouth to start of tail fin

We have been dealing with Discus Fish from over 15 years. Fishes are shipped out of our farm almost every day, and our average live arrival sucess rate is 99.9%

Healthy Fish Policy:

1. We guarantee that your fish will arrive alive. However, when you receive your fish you are solely responsible for acclimating your new fish to your aquarium.

2. We take great care in ensuring that your fish are bred according to high standards and we insist that ALL of our customers be well informed and prepared to properly care for their fish.

3. We are not liable if your fish become ill or die as a result of your ability to properly adapt your fish. We will not refund your money if you have any future health problems with your fish or if they die after you acclimate them to your new environment.

4. After you receive your fish, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for their care and release Sams Discus of any liability.

5. To be safe, we recommend you quarantine your new fish separate from your current aquarium for at least 15 days. This will allow your new arrivals to fully build up their immune systems to prevent any health issues.

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