Dewormer – Chicken Heart Mix


Feeding Instructions:

    • Feed 2-3 times daily as much as the fish consumes in 5 mins.
    • Avoid over feeding as it will deteriorate the water quality.
    • Keep Refrigerated below-18 C
    • High in Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Fatty Acids to ensure high energy levels in your fish
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  • Anti-worm medication. Including worms in blood, liver, stomach, gill flukes, skin flukes, tape worms, flat worms.
  • Aqua Nutrition Dewormer enables you to combat worms and parasites quickly and safely in all types of Aquarium fish.
  • Fast Working for internal and external parasite control for Aquarium fish.
  • Prove to strengthen disease resistance.
  • Bioactive Formula is a scientific blend of Vitamins and essential nutrients.
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